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Produced by Lady Jack Entertainment and starring Lindsey Marks, Scott Ray Merchant and a new line-up of Chicago's finest Neo-Vaudevillian performers; Hindrance and Hysteria promises to help keep your Monday nights weirdly sexy and dangerously funny with a new celebratory theme every month.

A Very Official, Most Special, Mandatory Happy Party Prepared by (and in honor of) the leader dearest HINDRANCE AND ( to some degree) his general executive liaison HYSTERIA

      RUN: Aug 13 - Oct 15, 2018

Dates & Times

September 2018

  • Sat8

    No Show

  • Sun9

    No Show

  • Mon10

    No Show

  • Tue11

    No Show

  • Wed12

    No Show

  • Thu13

    No Show

  • Fri14

    No Show

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